FIS Privatbank rebranding

FIS Privatbank rebranding
FIS Privatbank

Luxembourg FIS Privatbank (formally known as Freie Internationale Sparkasse) approached us to work on their rebranding. They wanted to keep the circular element from their original logo and also connect the brand with C-Quadrat Investment Group, their Austrian majority owner. Apart from that we had an open brief.

We decided to take elements from both Freie InternationaleSparkasse (circle) and C-Quadrat Investment Group (a blue square) and combine them in a way to create a fresh and modern new brand. The colours chosen also aligned with their owners and we angled the square to appear like a diamond shape which breaks out of the circle as well as creating a forward pointing arrow. To emphasise the beginning of a new era we used a modern sans serif font. A dark background and a glow around the logo was used to create a premium look and feel.

We created a whole new suite of corporate materials from business cards to letterheads, email signatures as well as marketing materials.

ERTL Design also designed and programmed their new website.

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