Pavepower branding


Empowering fleet electrification with a strong identity

Pave Power, operating in the competitive renewable energy and finance sectors, approached us to help them carve out a distinct and compelling identity in the electrification market.

They needed branding that not only stood out but also communicated their position as leaders in sustainability. Our solution was to develop a modern, elegant brand identity that exemplified reliability and forward-thinking progress. To achieve this, we chose a modern sans serif font and designed a compact logo that conveyed a sense of momentum, enhanced by a green dot symbolising energy and sustainability.

To bring this new brand to life, we crafted a comprehensive landing page and designed bespoke icons, business cards, stationery, and LinkedIn templates. Each element was meticulously aligned with Pave Power's ethos and designed to resonate with their target audience, helping them to promote their services.

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