EMED Group rebranding


Rebranding of the UK’s foremost healthcare and specialist transport provider

Following the merger of E-Zec Medical and ERS Medical, the newly combined entity faced the critical challenge of developing a unified brand identity that would honour the legacy of both companies while setting a course for their future ambitions.

Our solution involved renaming and rebranding the merged companies to create a fresh, recognisable brand identity. This new identity featured a modified version of the star of life, now incorporating a forward-moving arrow shaped like a heart to symbolise the group’s dedication to care. We also selected a more inviting and friendly typography to complement the logo. A significant part of the project was integrating sub-brands within this new brand architecture, ensuring both individual distinctiveness and cohesive unity under the group identity.

The outcome was a comprehensive rebranding, including the development of detailed brand guidelines. We are actively implementing this new brand across various channels, effectively communicating the unified vision and values of the merged entities.

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