BlackRock/RL360 global campaign

Digital Design

Driving continued investment growth for RL360 and BlackRock

RL360, in partnership with BlackRock, aimed to build on the success of our previous campaign, which not only garnered 5.2 million views but also catalysed millions of investment into their model portfolio solutions, with ongoing contributions. To capitalise on this momentum, we launched a comprehensive global digital campaign that evolved the striking visuals and refined the selling points from the earlier ads.

Our approach involved developing a video and digital ad concept that seamlessly extended the visual and thematic elements of the successful campaign. We authored a compelling script that articulated the updated messaging to a broader audience and independently fine-tuned the execution. The result was a sleek, engaging promotional campaign that effectively communicated the key selling points and continued to attract substantial investment into RL360’s and BlackRock's offerings. The campaign included digital ads which were shown in industry publications as well as a video. The video included part stock footage and part 3d/motion graphic animations to be more engaging.

This strategic expansion not only reinforced RL360’s market presence but also sustained the inflow of investments, proving the enduring impact of a well-executed digital strategy.

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